My mission is to help people and their businesses tell stories that resonate. You’re not just another beer bar; folks drink at your establishment for particular reasons. It’s all in the details. And you don’t have to be fancy or bougie to get noticed. You just have to be you.

I can help with writing/editing, events, marketing, and creative.

Writing – copywriting, content writing, copy editing

Beer – event planning and hosting, pairings, consulting

Marketing – email, social, print



Drinking a hoppy beer at Truckee Philosophy

Getting Crafty: Going the extra mile to serve-up specialty beers

Tahoe is known for mountain landscapes, outdoor recreation, world-class ski resorts, and — craft beer? As liquids are wont to do, beer has been steadily seeping its way into this bustling mountain town thanks to passionate people taking on the challenge of providing craft beer to a thirsty audience. (Plus, local crafters at FiftyFifty gained clout at the last Great American Beer Festival.) [Read more at Moonshine Ink]


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FiftyFifty Brewing in Truckee, CA

5 Facts About FiftyFifty Brewing [Interview with Alicia Barr]

You’ve probably heard about FiftyFifty Brewing’s expansion into Reno with a proposed new location at the upcoming Reno Public Market. That future endeavor, combined with talk of distributing all the way to China, piqued my interest—I had to get some answers from co-founder Alicia Barr. While the future of FiftyFifty Brewing is bright and indefinite, five things are for sure: [Read more at The Thirsty Nevadan blog]


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Quick Guide to Craft Beer in Truckee, CA

Hello world. You don’t know me, but I’m the Truckee beer nerd around here. Okay, Reno, don’t scoff. Per capita, Truckee has turned into a neat little beer town. No, no, we can’t yet flaunt award-winning breweries popping up like wildflowers each spring. But we’ve had a few. So let’s have a few together. [Read more at The Thirsty Nevadan blog]