about me

I love stories, beer, and creativity for its own sake.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in creative writing and spent many of my college days (at UC Santa Cruz) focusing on broadcast journalism, too. From well-researched reports to fully-made-up plots and puny poems, I love all kinds of writing.

I have my Certified Beer Server certification and am currently working towards becoming a Certified Cicerone (I’ve passed half of the exam!). I’ve hosted educational beer events for the public and trained local staff. I love playing with the flavors of beer and food in my own kitchen, whether I’m homebrewing or just making lunch.

I have years of experience in content marketing for a small business and have expertise in: email communication, blogging, content creation, social media content, marketing strategy, and more.

Feel free to check out my current portfolio at the homepage or (if you’re feeling bored and open-minded) peruse my beer blog and Instagram: Wild Beer Writer.